dribbble illustrations to animations

dibbble illustration to animation

Hi Guys! It has been a while. We are still in the process of going to do a request for immigration to Canada but it hasn’t happened yet. We have to do some manditory english test and the closest TEST station is 3 hours drive away from our humble little home in Nelspruit.

So, what has happened in the past few months. I received a dribbble invitation. Yay! Thanks again to Stephen Biddle who without being bribed or even spoken to by me decided he is giving me the chance.

Gentlemen still exists!!

#NUMBER1: SO… I have started a new thing called Illustrations to animations, you can go and check it out here. My plan is to take a illustration once a week and animate it. Will obviously try and make it completely what it is not intended to be for, so there;s that challenge in it all.

#NUMBER2: I went and bought myself a drawing tablet. YES! one without the built in screen, heard people complaining about the looking down at it process, and definitly want to test it out first to see if i can do this. I didnt want to by a flagship and not be able to fly it. With drivers installed and pen in hand without flinching I drew my first picture. It’s kind of difficult and yes I used it as my main picture for this blog post (No, that is not a picture sponsored by the school for the blind, it was actually me). The reason it is here so that 10 years from now when I am a fineart teacher at Yale with those half chopped off glasses so I can peak over them when people ask stupid questions i can refer to this horrible train smash of a bouncing ball picture to show that everyone starts somewhere.

This post will be updated weekly with the latest animation i did so there will be 52 updates and i will write a little thing on each animation just to give you an idea of WTF i was thinking.

Shap bra! so let us get this partytjie started!

Working on my After effects drawing skills i wanted to rebound some of the great work @Anton Fritsler (kit8) does.
With Photoshop and clone brush you can pretty much paint another picture. Everything in this image has movement, except the mountains and the houses. It was a nice challenge. Thanks to @Uran for the amazing illustration to work off.
In my quest to animate amazing illustrations done by Amazing Artists. I came across this beauty by Loris R. Alessandria. And me loving dogs and driving just thought I would animate this one. Keep up the great work Loris!!
Beautiful work by the Kit8 guys. I just had to animate this one. They say a picture speaks a 1000 words. Well this animation speaks of 71 shape layers. Two little white stripes on the original and I make it look like a hurricane is about to hit.
Beautiful illustration by Gillian Levine, reminded me of when i was a wee little baby. I almost burned myself out on the previous animation so this time i played by some rules. Only rotation,scale & position editing allowed. Free range on the mask paths, though i did not tinker much with them and i was only allowed to hit ‘easy ease’ no tweaking. Looks like a animation out of a children’s book, I kind of like the none fluid feel of the heads and hands. Sometimes stuff is meant to look sticky
I love this peace by tatooine girl. Go check her work out. I just had to bring in a contrasting red. Love the final product, no splatters, no stripes, minimal, like the artist intended.