It came suddenly..

So one night we where just sitting on the couch there and I said, let’s move to Canada. My wife said some of the people working with her are going over soon. And yes, it is something we should look at.

Google in its infinite wisdom still can not give you an idea of what it truly would feel like leaving SA for another country. Yes!! There is videos of people going over and doing the first few days in Canada video. You get a general idea. Like the one blog mentioned, normally people write if it is either the best thing they have ever done or if it is the worst thing they have ever done. There is videos of people moaning about how difficult it is and how horrible it is, but they are there 8 years and 15 years….So you stayed?

We spoke to a few people and as luck would have it, found people that actually lived in Nelspruit.

Whatsapp call to some Expat Nelspruit people was the decider for me

They are in Canada 4 years now. We got some info out of them and we felt more at ease. We got immigration lawyer contact details from a couple that has been relocated there foe the past 5 months…. We contacted a few, all of them receive you with open arms, this was the only one that said are you sure you want to do this. They made us question ourselves on this move.

And it is a big decision, selling everything you have built up, your house, cars, TVs, everything, and going somewhere you have never been. Starting of as an infant in another country, no credit record, no bank account, no drivers license.

We have submitted the forms and it is a pretty penny to do this. But we are going to do it. Some of our friends say it will take 14 months. However long, the process is now started.

As the amazing neutral person I am, I will try and give you the most relevant information I can give you of this transition. From SA to Canada with a 2 year old boy, a very qualified wife with a degree in Industrial Engineering, and me a FANBELT in street fighting.

Chat later.