Load-shedding has its positives.

SO we have been hit by load-shedding in South Africa this past few days. There is striking (work stoppage by the labor force) in some of the big power plants in South Africa which is cause to lower volume electricity being delivered which makes the only power supplier in South Africa switch off some areas in the country for 2.5 hours at a time. If you are lucky like me they select your area twice a day.

So while i was sitting with a fully charged laptop and no more mobile data (being eaten by work I had to get done) I thought let me try do a freehand sketch and make something straight out of my mind.

So with no referencing photos. I did throw the sign at myself now and again to see the shape of the hand. Except for that, i only used the raw power of the mind given to me!!

I kind of liked the outcome, for a first try. Might even do a animation from it.

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