The year of portfolio

I have always been private about my Instagram account. I discovered Instagram many years ago. My friends where all like, facebook is the thing, but i liked Instagram. That’s why I have so many posts. I liked that you can share a photo and no one commented, it was just liked. I just had to like people’s pictures, not talk to them or anything… my type of social interface, it felt a bit like a art gallery for rich people. Tons of viewers all over the place, but no one speaks to each other, just inspect each others work. Well that was Instagram back then. Now it is an extension of Facebook. My Facebook account has not been personal for a long time, and from this year on it is going to be the same for Instagram, now a business tool. And with Google + dying in April 2019, there’s only one place left to be all about me privately. It is here on my own blog site.

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