What is the plan for 2019

What’s the plan?

At last a place where I can spell wrong and get phrases wrong. No one to judge me. Comments…..off.

So a little seed has been planted starting October last year. We as a family went visiting friends in Cape Town and did a bit of a drive around while we where there. We loved it, a beautiful city with beautiful people. We started thinking about moving there, our son has minor CP with a slight hemiplegia on his right side and we saw that Cape Town is full off options. We came back to Nelspruit and decided we will be moving in the next 3 year. Johnathan will be 5 in 3 years time and then we should look for a suitable school then.

So Xmas and January left us with a change of heart.

We went to my gran in November, i think? somewhere there, it might even have been before our Cape Town trip. Which means, the seed started here already . We saw my cousin Helen there and started chatting. It was after Cape Town, now I remember.. She tells us how She and her awesome Hubby PJ are on the way to Canada. He was in America that time and we spoke briefly on the phone but another country, that sounded kind of nice..

We got home and in December we looked after our Neighbor’s dog while they went on Xmas holiday. Xmas morning I walk over to the house to find the back door broken open and everything in the house upside down and TV’s laptops and instruments all gone. In South Africa, his is quite a normal occurrence. While people was sending me angels perched on perfectly covered presents and little elves tugging a slay with a fat Santa in, I made a happy Xmas message myself.

Merry XMas! Hopefully you presents are opened easier than my neighbors back door.

Seems to be normal in South Africa

Look i lived in Midrand, Olifantsfontein for long. I heard gun shots at night and heard the occasional guy being chased by my Malamute husky at 3 in the morning jumping the fence in my backyard. In South Africa this has become the norm. You deal with the stuff happening around you till it happens with you, then you do someting.


My first spell test, and no, im not gonna fix it. But 3 weeks ago I came to, as Wikipedia likes to say, an experience of a sudden and striking realization. Two houses away from us a guy was held up at gun point 2:50 am. So we have a 4 camera system installed in our house, to see what is going on around us. I found the guys, walking casually past our house, on a mission to keep someone at gun point 2 minutes later, like it is their daily routine.

We have to move, ASAP. The Police in South Africa is currently so over worked and under paid. They actually just come out to fill in forms so you can claim from your insurance. The one officer actually told me that these guys target this area every year around this time. It is just seen as the norm.

You read of Judges saying to people, did you do everything in your power to prevent them from coming into your house. And when they are in your house, you can’t just shoot them, they have to be a threat to your life first, you have to be attacked before you can react. I don’t know, it just seems like the rules is stacked in their favor.

So what is the plan?

This is the year where we make a move, or start the process of being able to move. On here you will see blogs where I will be improving myself and skills to be able to move somewhere else.

Watch this space… well not here specifically, but this website. We are going to do some fun stuff.

Mustacha out!